I'm Lotus

I help establised professionals & entrepreneurs overcome imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and self-criticism using the latest innovations in coaching and clinical hypnotherapy - a unique blend that I call "Limitless Mind™ Coaching".

My story

After decades struggling with crippling imposter syndrome  and anxiety at work, I finally stumbled upon a way to switch off negative thoughts like flipping a switch... and produce a steady stream of motivation, optimism and positive internal dialogue.

Having finally gotten free, I've made it my mission to share it with as many people as possible.  I know just how limiting anxiety and low self-esteem can be for your career.  It cost me hundreds of thousands in lost salary and robbed the joy from my entire working life.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

Back in 2013 I discovered a simple, but highly impactful mindset shift is all that it takes to put an end to all forms of imposter syndrome.  That's a BIG claim, I know.  But I've seen it for myself and time-and-again for my 1,000+ clients... so I know it absolutely works.

Let me show you...

Seize control of your mind and build the career or business you deserve today.

"All the major obstacles in your work are obstacle in your mind.  With the right mindset you are unstoppable.  With the wrong mindset you're chained to the past.  Don't let your future slip away from you!"



One-on-One Coaching + Hypnosis

If you're ready to put imposter syndrome, fear of failure, low self-esteem, perfectionsim, and fear of rejection well and truly in the rear-view mirror then 1:1 coaching with hypnosis is the fastest way to make it happen.

In as little as ONE month you could totally transform your self-image and step into a new, more confident, successful, and motivated YOU. Complete the free training now to learn how it's possible.

Success Stories

Salma:  "More happy about having the attention on me".

I didn't really like, talking in front of crowds or doing presentations because I was always very conscious of how I was being perceived and that always made me hold back from putting myself forward for those kind of things. And I think it's made me more confident from that perspective that I'm now less hesitant... I am definitely a bit more, happy about putting myself forward or speaking up and having the attention on me

Andy: CBT didn't work but hypnotherapy did

"I'm more positive and don't take things so personally now. I always used to jump to the worst possible conclusion but I'm more measured now and I don't go to that negative place. I feel like I have choice now and I don't need to be a passenger in life. I'm more present and can really play with my 4 year old son now, rather than just going through a process with him."

Leila: Beat The Inner Demons

"I’d tried numerous different talking therapies and felt that none of them helped.  I felt angry and frustrated and like nothing would work for me.   Hypnotherapy has freed me from constant negativity and I’m already feeling the effects in terms of how I’m sleeping and eating.  Everything seems to be better."

Jamie: Tried Everything Else

"I'd tried everything I thought I could possibly do...  I'd gone through medication, CBT, psychiatry, psychology, read all the books you could imagine. Everything had side effects or made me feel worse. But hypnotherapy has had the most dramatic effect on my anxiety. Hypnosis works - it really does work. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone."

Katharine: Stopped Antidepressants

"I don't feel like I need to take antidepressants to make myself feel better any more. I've lost weight and feel more confident about myself.  It's extraordinary how much better I feel not being on them. I thought they were my crutch and the thing that drove me but I don't think that any more. In fact, I think they are quite destructive in many ways."

Ivanka: Beat Panic Attacks

"Right after the session I felt so at peace for the first time in months. I felt so relieved - so free and at peace with myself. It was such a change. Now I find myself living more in the moment and having fun with what I do. I don't take things so seriously now. I don't feel trapped in anxiety. I've become less judgmental and don't get depressed when things don't meet my expectations."

Stephen: An Enormous Change

"A lot of the hatred and bile has gone now. I feel like a nicer human being and I can get on with the rest of my life now. I feel more confident but also I feel more relaxed and empowered to fulfil my potential.  It's amazing how easy and simple it was, especially given the enormity of the change that happened in such a short space of time!"

Annabel: Had stopped leaving the house

"I'd suffered from panic attacks for a very long time. I'd stopped travelling on trains, going to dinner parties. I had even stopped answering the phone or even going out of the house because of it. But now I'm enjoying going to dinner parties, travelling and having a more normal life - I'm not so anxious all the time."

Katie: Beat A Flying Phobia

"Flying is a positive experience now. Even when there's turbulence, I'm not scared now so I can say yes to a lot more things that I used to say no to.  I thought that I was just going to have to live with fear but now I have techniques to deal fear that I can actually use on a daily basis and I'm getting better each day. I don't feel like everything is against me any more."

"I tried many other forms of therapy with no improvement in my problems. Suffering from anxiety and depression for many years I had come to breaking point. I can honestly say that Limitless Mind with Lotus was one of the best decisions of my life. 

Those things that held me back in life have lost their hold over me. I feel like a new person and my outlook is very different than before.

Thank you Lotus for your time, patience and amazing ability to help change my mindset


Lotus is the most professional, genuine and caring therapist. Lotus' knowledge and understanding has shown me that there are things we can do to help retrain and change the negative thought patterns which can take over everyday life - That there is always a solution.

Thanks Lotus

Rebecca Schwartz

The sessions helped me change my perceptions, beliefs, fears, obsession… and this gave me a new sense of perspective. I have found really useful the knowledge that I could actually change my perception of things.

I am more empowered now, I have learned to change my emotional state. Lotus is a great listener, his knowledge shines through.

Laurent Gomes

How to Escape Imposter Syndrome And Create Unshakeable Self-Belief in Just 30 Days

Watch my free training on stopping every form of negative thoughts so you can escape from fear of failure, imposter syndrome, self-criticism, fear of rejection, perfectionism and more...