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PART 3: How to overcome fear of failure, rejection and success, perfectionism & more.

How to get anxiety free at work...



"Lotus spoke to me the at exactly the time we arranged.  The session was very helpful and very professional.  Even though I was unsure what to expect, Lotus explained everything to me and helped me to understand my negative mindset and what I need to do to escape the imposter syndrome."

What You’ll Get During This Limitless Mind™ Free Strategy Session

Together we'll identify the exact cause of your imposter syndrome and formulate your bespoke plan to create authentic self-belief, 'feels-good' motivation and bulletproof confidence... so that you can finally live up to your potential at work.

What I’ll Do Before the Session

When you answer the short questionnaire below, and give me details of your business or career, I'll personally review them so I can give you the absolute best advice, tailored to your personal situation and goals.

What Happens During the Session

On the session, we'll talk about your ambitions and what's standing between you and your dreams.  Then we'll pinpoint the exact mechanism in your unconscious mind that's creating the ´'not good enough' voice in your head and keeping you stuck wherever you're at in your business or career.

What Changes After the Session

After your strategy session you'll understand exactly where the negative voice comes from.  Plus, you'll have a completely personalised plan to switch the negative thoughts off - AND switch on a new, 100% empowering voice.  Meaning no more imposter syndrome.

About Lotus

I'm a fully certified clinical hypnotherapist and coach with over 3,500 hours of 1:1 client experience.  I've worked with more than 1,000 clients for the full range of negative thinking and anxiety conditions including imposter syndrome, confidence, self-esteem, performance anxiety, perfectionism and even panic attacks.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Strategy Session

This is the starting point to escape from the imposter syndrome and create massive success in your work or business. No doubt you're wondering what to expect from the strategy session, just like these people who all decided to give it a go and find out...


Negative Self-Talk

I thought I already knew everything about my negative mindset but Lotus helped me realise that there's so much I didn't understand.  It's like it opened my eyes to a whole other side of things that I never knew existed in my mind.


Really Wanted 'Change'

I found our conversation insightful and we got started working on the not good enough thoughts straight away.  We talked about the limiting beliefs and perceptions I had and it started making a difference almost immediately.

Jessica Sanders

Show Me The Evidence!

After speaking to Lotus I feel like I have one practical, evidence based understanding of why I feel the way I do and because of that I am more empowered to do something about it if I start feeling bad again.

Here’s What We’ll Cover On The Strategy Session

Your mindset hurdles

First - Whether it's low self worth, fear of failure, perfectionism or anything else, we start by identifying the exact cause of the imposter syndrome in your unconscious mind.

Your business or career objectives

Next - Precise objectives give us clear direction so we formulate exactly where you want to end up... meaning that the mindset transformation is not just intellectual but also practical.

Your bespoke roadmap to authentic self-belief & massive business success

Finally - Together we design a custom roadmap that plots a course from your current negative & limited mindset to the inner life and business success that you desire.

Apply For Your Strategy Session Now

Choose your timeslot below and answer the short questionniare about your mindset and business or career.

Then join Lotus on Zoom at the agreed time

Here’s what people are saying about Lotus

I don't like to blow my own horn, but you're probably wondering what it's actually like to work with me. So here is some feedback my clients have given me over the years...


Low confidence

Mind-blowing results beyond all expectations

Here I'm just finished my last session — what a journey! Mind-blowing results beyond all expectations! I can't believe the transformation: I feel so much better about myself! Today, my team member noticed that I became more assertive and confident in my decisions. And this is just the beginning!


Had tried everything else

I found it insightful and rewarding.

I think many people are sceptical about this kind of work, but I found it insightful and rewarding. Through the program, I have understood a great deal about the unconscious needs that I have been running away from and trying to repress. I can see a line of self-development to build new behaviours and values that I believe will lead me to a better future.


40 years anxiety and depression

Got to the root of the anxiety and depression

It was extremely gentle but we still managed to get to the root of the anxiety and depression. Lotus is a lovely person who made me feel safe and understood.

"I hated having the attention on me..."

I didn't really like talking in front of crowds or doing presentations because I was very conscious of how I was being perceived and that made me hold back from putting myself forward for those kind of things.

Limitless Mind has made me more confident from that perspective. Less hesitant, I should say.  I am definitely more happy about speaking up and having the attention on me now.

- Salma

"Immediate change"

Literally after the first session, we talked about kind of, a sense of calm almost that you can get, and I left that first session with that sense of calm. And what was really interesting was that, I found it really easy to then reaccess that.

So I guess that was the that was the single biggest thing initially for me, was it I found it quite immediate.  Whereas, CBT for me, there was quite a lot of repetition, and it didn't always have the desired outcome because I would, I would still my brain would still go back to the initial problem, and I just couldn't get over that hurdle. Whereas with the hypnosis, I just found that that process was was a lot quicker

- Andy

"I had tried everything"

I suffered terribly from anxiety and I'd been suffering for a very long time. I've been to go and see several people about it. I'd gone through various rounds of different medication, read all the books you can imagine.

I found it sort of a sort of astonishingly easy to sort to move through the sessions and to shake off the shackles of the anxiety that I previously had. I thought that it would it would take many sessions to make it happen but I saw initial change from from from day one

- Jamie

"Much more positive daily life"

You know, for years, people would say me, oh, you have to be kinder to yourself. And honestly, I had no idea what they meant. I just didn't understand what it is.

But just, going through this program, did did also make me aware of how you can be kinder to yourself, and that if you actually dialogue with the parts of you that might be stuck in negative thinking or, if you're less critical of yourself, it really, really helps. It just helps you. It just helps you live a much more positive daily life, basically. So I have very much been using those techniques.

- Paulina

"It was a brake on achieving my potential"

 I had some unresolved issues that I wanted to identify, but I knew that they were stopping me from really kind of moving ahead. They were like a brake, if you will, on achieving my own potential.

And the outcome I wanted was for those to kind of either disappear or subside or kind of look at them differently. And I guess the best way to describe the outcome is how I feel, which is I feel a lot lighter, a lot less burdened, and a lot more empowered, than when I did when I started.

- Stephen

"More control of my thoughts"

I felt there were a lot of unconscious beliefs that I needed to bring to the surface and give it some structure to make more sense of what I was experiencing... that I had no way of making it tangible and making it understandable.

Once these ideas became more tangible, and I could articulate them, then I could I felt I had some more power over them, and I could do something about it. And that's given me a greater feeling of agency and control.

- Meyrick

"Kindness to self"

 I didn't actually know how to communicate with myself in a positive way and until  you realize that you don't know how to do it, you don't realize that you're not doing it. 

So it was just learning how to speak in a constructive, kind way which is something I thought I was already doing so it was so bizarre to realize, actually I've never done that before and that's probably why I've felt like this for so long

- Leila

"Long-term positivity"

I was just struggling to get consistency with my thought process. So I had a lot of ideas around it, but I was looking to create a strategy to have consistent results and being positive long term.

What was different about Limitless Mind was that it helped me get to understand the different parts of the mind. And how integrating it all together is a really powerful way to create a positive mind in terms of not just looking for positivity all the time, but understanding why negative thoughts come in, where they come from specifically that we have a better idea and strategy around managing that day in day out so that the negativity doesn't stay for too long.

- Jon

"It helped me as an actor"

Now, I'm really excited to go and do the acting parts. When I get there, exploring the character is so much more fun. Instead of holding back going,  'I can't play this this character like this... in case they think it's wrong, and then I get judged and then I'd have an anxiety attack about it...'

Now, I just think I'm  gonna go for it. And if they think that it's wrong, then that's their opinion, and we can just change it. And there's nothing wrong with that at all. So I can play a lot more different roles now than I could before.

- Katie

"I can get out of my comfort zone now"

I get out of my comfort zone more easily now. If anything was new or unsure, then there was a blockage before that stopped me from moving forward or trying something. Whereas now I recognise that it's just the part of the mind talking.

I've taken on new projects, whereas I would have shied away from them before. So I realised that it was just an unhelpful core belief that I'm not capable of doing things. I recognize it for what it is now.

- Alex

I was suffering depression and anxiety. The course was very informative and gave valuable information... a totally different perspective of how to deal with negative thoughts. Talking to them as you would a friend, rather than berate yourself or getting carried along with the thoughts with no control. Which leads to more depression and anxiety.

- James

I was suffering depression, constant negative self-talk and lack of concentration. I had a lot of anger and issues from childhood neglect and blame. Through the program, I have understood a great deal about the unconscious needs that I have been running away from and trying to repress. I can see a line of self-development to build new behaviours and values that I believe will lead me to a better future.

- Michaela

Having completed the program, I now have a conscious ongoing dialogue with the part that creates this dialogue in my mind. I’ve learnt that this part sees me as not looking after myself in relationships and so am experimenting with how I can be more balanced between suddenly acting like a ferocious tiger and rolling over like a sleepy pussycat.

I liked the way the program helps you to look at the situation, understand how my own unconscious mind is structured, and engage with the myriad techniques for reframing my beliefs. I liked the hypnosis sessions that underpinned the work and I liked the metaphors and approaches used.

- William

The program gave me a toolkit for change and it's focused on change rather than obsessing about past difficulties and talking about 'stuff' with little direction. It offers a genuine, effective, way of understanding, addressing, engaging with our inner voices in order to yield a more fulfilling balanced outlook and equanimity with self and life.

The hypnotic meditations are a really valuable asset and help to reconnect me with long suppressed voices which are trying to help. It is only by engaging, accepting, managing, and conversing with our inner voices that there is a chance of positive change.

- Amanda

Having completed the program, I have some new tools to use to question and negotiate my default state of being, perceptions and beliefs.

I liked the approach of treating the parts of your mind as separate people/personas and following a gentler approach to speaking with them. I certainly do have thoughts, beliefs and perceptions which need challenging in order to better cope with my current situation. The strategies in this course do offer a fresh way of dealing with the unconscious mind, which can help people who are particularly hard on themselves, or parts of their mind or ways of thinking.

- Peter

I hadn’t looked inside myself concertedly for a while, and in lockdown was seeing some unhelpful patterns of thinking returning. I identified 2 parts that were reverting to the old patterns of behaviour, and improved communication with them. Now beginning to be more intuitive and creative again.

I liked the clear framework of thinking around identifying parts and beliefs, and the self hypnoses and the reframing techniques.

- Sunita

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s  Banish The Imposter Syndrome Today.