Major anxiety sufferer (who got free) reveals his unique, new, hypnosis method to:

Banish Workplace Anxiety Without Years of Therapy or Medication...  Even If You've Tried Everything and You're Starting To Lose Hope.

"Lotus guides through a deep dive into your mind and gives you the tools and techniques to really sort yourself out." 

- Graham Lancaster // Police Officer

Hi, I'm Lotus,

For over 10 years that "Not Good Enough" voice in my head sucked all the satisfaction and reward out of my career.

By Sunday afternoon I could already feel the dread beginning to rise up from my gut becuase I knew that, come Monday, I'd be feeling like a loser and a fraud all over again.

Then, by chance, I stumbled upon a mindset technology that silenced the inner-critic and set me free of the imposter syndrome.

It's not CBT, life-coaching or mindfulness... in fact it's completely unlike anything else you may have tried.

My new "Limitless Mind" method has the power to silence the inner-critic and stop anxiety like flipping a switch.

A BIG claim -  I know.  

That's why I want you to try it out and see for yourself...

Learn The 4-Step "iDNA" Process To Silence The "Not Good Enough" Voice

Your self-confidence and enthusiasm will skyrocket when get rid of that negative internal dialogue.  So here's the exact 4-step formula that's in the video training - the formula that banishes workplace anxiety.


Identify the origin of the negative thought

That negative thought must come from somewhere, right?  The first step is to identify exactly which "Part" of your mind is responsible for this negative self-talk.


Discover the purpose of the negative thought

Your inner-critic has a reason for being so negative... even if it seems totally illogical.  Using the iDNA process you will uncover exactly why you hear such a negative voice in your head.


Negotiate with the part of the mind

Your inner-critic does not hate you... even if that's the only reason you can imagine why it is so discouraging.  The next step is to negotiate new, more helpful self-talk to aid you at work (rather than making you worry and feel like a fraud).


Reach Agreements with the part of the mind

Finally, you formalise this new 'inner behaviour' using the iDNA processes to ensure that your internal dialogue is as productive as your conversations with your colleagues (hopefully!) are.

Access Your 3-Part Video Training Now

This 45-minute video series is the product of thousands of hours of 1:1 coaching and hypnosis sessions with over 1,000 of Lotus' personal clients

You'll learn the full iDNA process with no modifications or simplifications.  This is the real-deal hypnosis process that Lotus uses with every single client

"It helped move my personal acceptance forward so I could create more peace, even when the negative thoughts were there. I'm able to recover faster from set backs so I don't stay in negative places so long. Even when I'm frustrated, it's like I'm ok with that frustration..."

Jon  //  Coach

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